Fresh Cut & Farmer Sarah are going fallow / on sabbatical in 2020!

Celebrate with us at the Farm Fallowing Party & D.A.Y.U.M. Fundraiser.

Full up-to-date party schedule here:

sabbatical: A period of leave, rest; traditionally in the seventh year of work. A time to 'lay down the profanity of clattering commerce;' a time to 'care for the seed of eternity planted in your soul.'

fallow: (of farmland) to be left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility; to take a deep rest

Please join us to celebrate where we've been, where we are now, and where we can envision our futures going.

Fresh Cut Flower Farm Fallowing Party & Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan (D.A.Y.U.M.) Fundraiser
Thursday, October 10, 4-10pm
W. Forest between Avery & Rosa Parks Ave., Detroit MI 48208

The party will be a fundraiser for Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan. These environmental justice activists have inspired me with their passionate, intersectional, rigorous, and joyful work. The 'magic pool' I've tried to create with Fresh Cut has been deeply inspired by my past as a youth activist, and I invite you to join me in supporting the living legacy of youth leadership as it grows into the future.

This party is:
+all ages welcome
+outdoors (dress for the weather, rain or shine!)
+food will be available to purchase - vegan option avail.
+free to attend; donations will be collected for D.A.Y.U.M.
+the last time to party on the farm as it is and may never be again

The stories written are products of their contexts. This farm has been a product of my experiences thus far, and the talents & times contributed by the many crew members who've made it run throughout the years.

I want to thank Fresh Cut Crew Members throughout the years:
AJ (2014)
Gwen (2015)
Wendy (2015)
MK (2015-16)
Bree (2015)
Ollie (2016-18)
Maxine (2016)
Najla'a (2016-17)
Bianca (2016-19)
Emani (2017-19)
Sherry (2017-18)
Julia (2017)
Cedar (2017-18)
Nakura (2017)
Maddie (2017-18)
Carolyn (2017)
Z (2018)
Elena (2019)
Brandi (2019)


W. Forest & Rosa Parks


Detroit, MI