Sarah Pappas is the founder of Fresh Cut Flower Farm. She has expertise in and passion for:

  • Agricultural Production

    • Diverse vegetable & flower crop planning and implementation

    • Efficient small-scale technologies

    • Building equity for farmers

  • Community Organizing

    • Respectful, reciprocal education with diverse populations

    • Intergenerational collaboration

    • Undoing white supremacy

  • Institutional Support

    • Local agricultural procurement

    • Integrating production, aesthetic, and resource goals

    • Recognizing assets across disciplines and supporting synergistic solutions

  • Facilitation

    • Setting group guidelines for success

    • Listening & understanding where you’re at

    • Discerning & communicating a way forward

If you’d like Sarah Pappas to consult for your organization, please contact her via or 313-731-2882.