Welcome, Fresh Cut Crew!

Onward through the cycle... the Climate Change Super Sale has ended. May is here, and let's decide that means the weather is righting itself. Right enough.

Today Fresh Cut welcomed THREE new employees to the crew! Wow! We had a really fun and exciting first day getting to know each other and introducing new people to the farm and vice versa. The farm herself is quite excited to be meeting these new hands, feet, eyes, and hearts that will be tending to her needs in the upcoming months.

Keep an eye peeled for the Fresh Cut crew around town this season, people blooming even more beautifully than our flowers!

Year in Review...

5 Things I'm Proud of from the 2015 Season, and 5 Things I'd Like to Do Differently in the 2016 Season:

5 Things I’m Proud of from the 2015 Season:

(1) Maintaining a base of regular customers who love Fresh Cut.
From 2014 to 2015, I kept about half of my weekly bouquet service customers. I offer two 10-week sessions, and they signed up for both. Getting to know someone as your regular customer is such a unique joy that I didn’t see coming! They appreciate your ongoing work, you appreciate their ongoing support… they even bring your dog treats and rejoice when they find out you’re pregnant! I feel so grateful to my returning customers, and I feel proud that I have grown flowers and made bouquets that they continue to value.

(2) Experimenting with cooperative sales.
This season I collaborated with two other local growers. I bought dahlia tubers, they grew them, I sold and delivered them to a wholesale outlet, and we split the profits. This is the groundwork for a greater network of cooperative growth and sales among Detroit growers. We made it through the first year without any major losses, conflicts, or failures… we’re all raring to try it again next year! We’ll review the numbers together, and decide how to proceed together, and I’m so proud and pleased that we gave it a shot.

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