week 39 on the farm - in my dreams

Hey there,


There are so many questions I want answered....


There are so many questions I want to help be an answer to.



I know, we know, that many farms in the U.S. are operated by people who don't have 'legal' citizenship status. Some  are paid fairly and some are not (how many? I don't know).


The intersection between farm labor, agricultural prices, profits, safety for workers/ppl/planet...


I know it must be in here somewhere.




The people who pick your food & flowers deserve fair wages, safe lives, and stability.




In my dreams, Fresh Cut is a place to prove out the fact that we can compensate farm workers fairly, and use the floral industry to support self-determination & safety.


In my dreams, no one's made sick by the chemicals they're exposed to at work.


No one's makes 300 times more than their average employee.




Yours in love, searching for solidarity, bravery, working to manifest safety & security,


Farmer Sarah