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Week 4 2017




  • Inventory perennials in pots

  • What will we do with wood chips?

  • Collect buckets

  • Make plan to clean so can act fast when the right day comes

  • Paths to build this spring

    • By front fence perennials

  • Woody perennial rescue

  • This is giving me ideas about working w Shelbie and Bianca! Goes with my original instinct on site vs farm

    • Just didn't start bianca early enough last year!

    • PLAN IN time to adequately prepare to make this happen

  • Where will compost pile be?

  • East: finish spreading leaves in pathways

    • What should we do with the bump beds?

    • What should we do about severe bindweed in old compost pile?



  • Back entranceway

    • Little seat or block

    • This means that recycle will have to move

      • Space smart idea uses wooden cart somehow

      • I'm picturing pull-out tip bins initially

    • Space btwn back door and basement door could have clips and hooks in vertical row for

      • Gloves, dog towel, boot socks

    • How can space above rafters be used?

    • Do we want to look into removing the space above kitchen entranceway? Looks like it would be easy. Did Josh want this for warmth? Maybe we could have seasonal winter solution so it could be open the rest of the time?

    • Maybe pegs on a rafter to provide place to hang hats and helmets

    • Rain gear needs a place

    • Small mirror on basement door? Or small wall when you walk in? That's better place for art or welcoming.