Week 31: Pageant Style

Hello there!


It's week 31 on the farm. The first week of August! The first week of the new session of Weekly Bouquet Service (welcome back to the returners, and welcome anew to those who are just joining us).


This week I got FAT & GORGEOUS zinnias and borage from Farmer Tim on the near east side. He's a grower I started working with last year experimentally & collaboratively, and I'm happy to say that he has caught the flower farming bug! As you'll see, even in a droughty year with a million other focuses, he's cultivating a dear love of fresh cuts.



Seeds I sowed many months ago are germinating and growing in other ways, too... I'm a finalist for the NEIdeas $10,000 prize. This money would let me tear out the front strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street and plant it in perennials! Ask me about the plans, I'm very excited about them.



I'm also looking to invest in infrastructure and beautification in so many ways in the upcoming year: fence, sign, water catchment & drip irrigation.... on & on! Please share any resources you think I may be interested in.


Sometimes the focus on business-based infrastructure tricks me into thinking I'm only focused on the business. But in reality, I'm trying to build a beautiful, calming, productive, enriching space for my family, my crew members, and my customers. The frenzy of the new envelops me, but it is in service of a longer term vision of peace and bounty that I look forward to reaching together (I'd say in 3 years the fresh cut infrastructure is going to be TIGHT!!!!)....sorry/not sorry for the messianic language there, it is an election year ;p


Last week when I was in LA I was playing around with tropicals and Maxine & MK were working with our Detroit cuts, but we were both working on that PAGEANT-STYLE BOUQUET! Look out for this one. I think it's a shape on its way back around:



In spirits of collaboration & interconnectedness & new languages,