Week 30 Update from LA



I am in LA! The crew is running the farm. They are brilliant women, all. 



I am feeling so supremely lucky to be here. Pappas & Dancers, my sister's company, is performing in the NOWfest at Redcat, one of the theaters inside (the spectacular) Disney Hall. 


Plastic Flow is Now engages with glaciers, and slow drift, and she has collaborated with a geology professor to add scientific grounding to the work. 



I'm staying with a best friend from high school. We visited the Downtown LA Flower Market this morning. I peeped a tiny slice of the amazingly complex and interdependent web of international commerce that envelops our world. 



Kathy, the friend I'm staying with, has been engaged deeply with labor organizing for the last ten years, and thru her I continue to learn more, particularly about the intertwined realities of labor with immigration. Relaxing at her house this morning, I was inspired by the introduction to UnderGround UnderGraduates, a collection of stories from the Labor Center at UCLA. She works for Restaurant Opportunities Coalition (ROC) whose work against wage theft you might already be familiar with (http://rocunited.org/la/).


Thank you, community network, for trying to live in the light together, and be present and compassionate together. 


This is the final week of the first WBS! I'd love to see you for the next ten weeks as well. Please do sign up now for the next round, if you haven't already. 


Yours, from the American west coast,