Hello all,


Why do I persist in trying to force value onto things that have been devalued by society?


The humble calendula, but a bangin' double variety caught at a perfect moment, sticky with its own medicinal exudate: potential!


Valuation is cyclical, and that cycle can be observed to correllate with certain other outcomes.


I "love dahlias" (of course) for their beauty. It is undeniable. But I resent them for their stranglehold on everyone's affection/attention/awe.


A bridal bouquet from this past weekend, featuring elements, palette, size and scale that are quite popular right now. Farmer Tim's dahlia is front and center! I like them better when other people grow them and I sell them.


Growing up a Not Conventionally Attractive Female Child, I think I often resented the Easy Beauty and was drawn to the Other (I tend to think this is a much better era to grow up with a beautifully prominent nose than the 1980s/90s). Some NCAFC's skewed in the other direction, into the "blonde hair/blue eyed bosom" (again, of the 80s/90s ideal. and also our imagining of white power).


It's interesting when beauty ideals don't correspond with the aesthetics of the culture in material power. They* have been observed to appropriate those aesthetics, over and over. 


(by the by, I do believe in a sort of ineffable and utopic moment at the earliest wave of contact, before appropriation, of intercultural dialogue and growth. this is called growing up Unitarian Universalist)


I've been calling August "Homecoming Month" on the farm because we're getting valuable pick-up hours from crews of years gone by!


Sarah, what are you saying?


As it relates to flowers, I continue to try to take glamour shots of the calendula and thinly veil my contempt for their enthusiasm for dahlias.


Tell me your stories about how any flowers, or any process of personal observation, opened and stretched your imagination.


Najlaa'a told me a beautiful story about dahlias speaking to her, and she's caused me try to rethink & recalibrate.


Let me resent less, and learn more, and find joy in the spirit of others (like Asa, amiright??)


THIS BABE!!!!?!???!!!


With love & excitement for what's to come,








*This "they" refers to an ongoing conversation between me and Josh... how do we record observable historical/social phenomena and refer to its progenitors... should we be wary of implying intentional conspiracy? how to name & discuss it otherwise? 


ACADEMICS HELP US OUT YOU KNOW THIS LANGUAGE ALREADY! we're trying to teach it to ourselves.