Week 26: Practice & Chores

Hello People,

Do you use chores as a way to help clear your mind? (As Arthur Russell sings about here:) 

That practice has not ever been my strong suit. But since I've started Fresh Cut, rotating flowers into the house and out to the compost, and rinsing and refreshing vases, has become a more regular part of my life. Back when I wasn't pregnant or mothering, Thursday was a great time to tidy the house and get it ready to receive visitors with a feeling of ease.

This year I'm focused on building systems and improving efficiencies on the farm and in our household. Irrigation, schedules, on and on.

On the tidiness and luxury living tip... a tip: The dill that is in some of this week's bouquets is big and spidery and yellow tipped and just wonderful. It also sheds pollen. So if you'd like to plan ahead for that sort of thing, display the bouquet on a piece of paper or fabric that will make clean-up of the pollen drop easier.

Clean-up of the pollen could also be a super deluxe luxe lifestyle bonus: fennel pollen made its way through the food trend world a couple years ago, so I say harvest your own dill pollen and charge by the gram.




Much love and thanks for your ongoing role as customers and supporters. It's working!





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