Week 29: Hot Mamas, Everyone

Hey hot mamas,

I accidentally called a man (a very male-presenting man) "ma'am" earlier today. It caused no problem. The phrase, "Yes, ma'am!" said with enthusiasm and positivity, evokes such a different feeling than "Yes, sir!" It was out of my mouth before I knew what I was doing.
As Shelbie said, this week's bouquets are HOT MAMAS. Male or female; vaginas, penises, or otherwise, we are all HOT MAMAS in one way or another. 

It's a hot week, we feel weighted, and urgent, and hopefully also connected and engaged.
One of our customer and neighborhood family welcomed a new little babe into the world this week. Some other members of our community are mourning losses, and grieving, and taking comfort in rituals new and old.

Tender tender tender.
If you'd like to "show up" for the urban agriculture community of Detroit, I'd suggest attending tonight's City Planning Commission Public Hearing on Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance Related to Livestock.
When? Tonight, Thursday 7/21/16, 6 PM
Where? Second Ebenezer Church, 14601 Dequindre St., Detroit 48212
What? Show up to show your support for your farmers to be able to keep livestock in the city.

If you can't make it to tonight's pick-up because you go to this event, I will (as always) reserve the bouquet for you in a bucket on the front porch to get at your leisure.
What are you feeling passionately about? What would you like us to "show up" to support?
(I must send a special thank you to Tanya this week for sharing her Detroit-grown EGGS with my family, and sharing info on the Bandhu dinner at Rose's. If you'd like more info on these amazing collaborations between women in Begaltown check it out: http://bandhugardens.com/http://www.womenofbanglatown.com/)
Much love,