Week 28: Each Bouquet Tells a Story

Hello flower family,

This week the Detroit Police is holding the training for its Junior Cadet Summer Youth Employment in the parking lot of the school across Rosa Parks from the farm. Our usually quiet corner has been full of parents and teenagers and cars. Please be aware that there may be heavier traffic than you're used to. I've met some lovely people this week, so (need I say, AS ALWAYS) please feel free to say hello to anyone you see on the block!

The last pick-up for this first round of Weekly Bouquet Service will be on July 28. The next round starts in August and goes for another 10 weeks. If you're not already signed up and you'd like to, go on right here! http://www.freshcutdetroit.com/weekly

Weekly Biz Deliveries, I'll be contacting you soon to re-up your orders. 

I hope you've been enjoying watching the succession of styles that mother nature brings us as they season presses on. We'll see more bright & deep colors, more pendulous seed pod heads, and more grasses. Dahlias will likely begin within the next month, and the palette of the times will be golden and taupe and burgundy... and of course hot pink, and hopefully full of flowering cabbage at the end of the season. We'll see more and more driable flowers for you to pluck out of your bouquets for winter storage (statice, gomphrena, strawflower... who else do you dry?).

Here's a sneak peak at a monthly design gallery Maxine has been working on... "Love is like falling, and August is like this..." https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5V3i5mCoXJRTnZOdTVXbVcxOWM&usp=sharing


We are also beginning a slightly larger delivery pattern on Tuesdays, starting in August. If you have any hot tips please let me know! I'd be happy to provide a free bouquet for each successful sale-connection. 




Each bouquet is a story. This one is a story of intergalactic human rights protectors/performing artists:



This one is in the spirit of the all skin tones Crayola box I loved as a kid:



The stories we can tell with these bouquets are so interesting because of their diversity. A bouquet is an invitation to sit and stare and appreciate the beauty and personal traits of each flower. I think that looking and listening actively is important in so many settings of life. 

In this particular moment of rising awareness and activation around the injustices and violence that people of color are forced through in our country, I find inspiration in others' faces, and eyes. Looking people in the eye can be scary and difficult; staring at a flower and breathing through your own feelings can be good practice. 

You might be interested in attending this event coming up on Friday July 22: http://www.facebook.com/events/263642530679332/?ti=icl

Marsha Music and Jackie Victor will be in conversation with each other at Oakland Ave Urban Farm. I love and respect all 3 people/orgs. I'm honored to be providing flowers for this event. This is a free event. 


Much love to you, and thanks as always for taking part in supporting each other,