Week 27: Love Letter to the Crew

Hello weekly supporters,


This week it's basically a love letter to my crew. We had our first official bouquet practice yesterday after harvest and they did such a great job that we finished all your bouquets right away!


That freed up Asa and I to have such a luxuirously relaxed day today that I forgot to send this email until 4 pm!


(Asa and I shopped at Detroit Hardware, then visited Cairo Coffee, then the Babywearing group at the Canton Splashpad, then had lunch with Josh at his new job in downtown Plymouth, THEN returned home to 2 of my crew members already hard at work on their shifts! How lucky am I?!?!)


Bouquet wise, you'll see that this week's diverse offerings reflect the multiple viewpoints of my wonderful crew. Bianca often works in the samecolor family, playing iwth tone and texture. Shelbie puts together complicated structures with surprising color combinations. Maxine fits together diverse elements in a seemingly effortless way. And me? I think right now I'm still concentrating on exploring two-tone bouquets, often mostly white with intentional SPLOTCHES of something bright like yellow or burgundy.




Best wishes and peace to you this week,