Week 25: Color Is Here


Week 25 on the farm. Smart farmer Alice Bagley (City Commons CSA) once told me that if you had all your planting in by July 4, you're in good shape. Then, that feat seemed impossible! Now, I'm happy to say we are on track for that milestone, thanks to the hard work of crew members Bianca, Maxine, and Shelbie, and Sarah.

And thanks to supporting crew members like Josh, and you all, and BUILD and Kiva Zip (paid off my loan last week!) and Detroit SOUP (look for me on a podcast interview with Amy Kaherl soon) and Model D (did you catch the piece about a foraging trip with Fresh Cut?)   

You all are the best. Color is here! Drink it in. Adorn yourself. Speak loudly and listen presently. Pay attention to what people you trust are asking for. Listen up to how you can support the communities you care about.

With happy wishes for you and your loves,