An early summer downpour

A thunderstorm! It's a nice excuse for me to get a little vibey indoors. I'm going to put on some records, light some candles, and place a bunch of the Fresh Cut Originals around my living room. Come in and have a quick stroll while you choose your bouquets this week!

It's the third week of wild sweet pea season, so you'll see a bunch of their viney drama. I bought three armloads of magenta-hued dianthus from a grower at the Oakland County Farmers Market. They start the plants the year prior, and they bloom in their second year (a biennial). This might be the last trip I take up to that market for the season, as Fresh Cut's own fields are about to pop. We've had the first few blooms of agrostemma 'ocean pearl' and marigold 'harlequin' and the tops of the snapdragons are SWOLLEN!

june 16.2.png

If you think that we had snaps early/mid-June other years, you're not mistaken. I grew early varieties of snapdragons like 'ribbon.' I paid a local greenhouse to grow those transplants for me again this year, but unfortunately they experienced massive failure! The earliest transplants I'd been planning on were cut by about 60%, unfortunately, due to greenhouse failures. 

I bring this up because I think ALL THE TIME about the infrastructure Fresh Cut and other urban farms need to grow our businesses. Access to an excellent grown-to-order greenhouse is one. Long term secure access to land is another.