Week 36: Give Confidence, Get Confidence

Hello dear ones,


You might have heard, but Fresh Cut's sunflowers are coming to an end for 2016. (so get em while they're hot!)



The changing sunlight and cooling night temps have let us know that summer is winding down.


I'm very much looking forward to the slower pace of autumn and winter..... in our household we are working on preparations now. Looking ahead at class schedules (improv comedy, foreign languages, baby swimming...), reaching out to counselors/psychiatrists (can never seem to find one I want to stick with!), planning family visits, lining up help on home renovation projects......


(both sets of Asa's grandparents visited over Labor Day... here are my parents giving him a yogurt facial)




Spotlight on:



Do you ever have occasion to drive east on the Davison, until it stops being a freeway and becomes local roads again? You'll veer right on McNichols, and pass Mound Boulevard's giant tree-lined swath, and bump slowly over the train tracks, then you'll see Federal Pipe on the right.


The store: I am very compelled by seeing rows and rows of pipes and fittings lined up. I am very compelled by knowledgeable staff who help you find exactly what you need, and think through problems you didn't know were coming. This is Federal Pipe.


(Instagram clocks an early visit at 116 weeks ago)


The customer: Debbe, an owner & manager at Federal, gets a bouquet delivered every week of the season, SINCE WE BEGAN! What a babe. She takes it with her out on her boat. When the wind tries to take the bouquet, she reaches up and grabs it by the stems to catch it. She has told me, "your flowers are tough. they love being outside." 


Debbe has given me a lot of confidence in the lifespan of our flowers. She's also an amazing model of prioritizing your personal summer vacation, even if you're not taking much time off work. 




I get more and more pleasure out of working with & learning from people within their own specialties.


I get more and more pleasure out of building platforms on which people can connect with each other.


I get more and more pleasure out of backing out of such interactions when my presence is no longer needed!


Ooooooh the sweet relief of knowing you've build a system you can absent yourself from.




In the spirit of Asking For What You Want & also Saying No Sometimes,