week 35: how can you be late when you're on mother nature's clock?

What is "late," anyway?



OK, you can be late when you realize it's 3:44 pm and you haven't sent out this Thursday's email!



It's Thursday, come get your bouquet, or you got it on Tuesday, or you'll get it delivered to you tomorrow... 



I was all OVER facebook live this week with weird experiments in self-promotion.


Hang with the Fresh Cut Crew while we make bouquets with this week's harvest!


Listen to Farmer John speak on his own GORGEOUS garden, why farmers need reduced sewerage rates, and more!


Farming prepares you for delayed gratification. Social media does not.



Even as my attention span shortens due to societal habits & personal choices, it elongates due to family & farm life. 


Asa's crawling. Next week we start planting for the 2017 season. The weather has cooled.



How do you defy an obsession with time?




Look for me in the face of this week's sunflowers,