4/22 Farm Walk With Myself

I took a good farm walk yesterday morning, so I thought I'd post it up here, along with the links to some pictures, in case anyone is interested in that sort of thing. Re-writing it also helps me review what I saw, and action items I starred.

Need more compost. *Call DFG @ lunch if no call first. Ask Ty if he has any heavier (or just diff. texture). What is this as bed head here for #1?


Each variety tulip looks very different. Lipstick has 3 leaves visible ~5" at tallest, and no visible bud. Double Early has 4 leaves and bud. Calyxes (is that what they are?) are each rolled in and green with paler green edges. Largest has small budlet below main bud. Peony Royale is overall shorter. Some have whiter edges to leaves. In a couple I can see into top of head. Tight anthers are visible. Black Hero overall leaves and buds smaller than Lipstick. Double You one looks damaged/diseased. Rococo tall with buds are mostly more hidden. Blumex looks similar but smaller. Mount Tacoma tightly wrapped buds, cute stems just visible. Sun Lover looking very similar, more double buds visible. DAFFS: Delnashaugh emerged after all tulips (deeper?). Some tips just visible, some 6" high with buds forming. Same with White Lion but farther along. One plant with early bud only half emerged from soil! WTF? ALLIUMS: are great! Both varieties (don't have stakes, can't tell which var. is where). Just 7 large leaves, no stems yet. Some weeds but I think they're out competing well. No significant weeds in tulips either. Some bigger chunks of clay soil but they seem to be pushing through. OH now I see. It's giant alliums that are huge. Nect. is much closer together in planting, and about 6" at tallest. *Augh edge plants getting crushed. Come adjust path and maybe install something as wall right where it's low.


Soil doesn't feel moist but plants seem firmly anchored and leaves don't seem stressed or overly dry. *Find out Nolts date and plan wind wall install. One collapsed snap, dianthus. Can already see mature weeds at start of stock. Third bed still tunneled. Yesterday's dusty miller seems good (unthinned, remember). Weeds will be worse @ north end due to bed prep.


Euconymus hanging out. Forsythia budded. Weigela starting to wake up. Buddleia still dormant. Mystery guy has buds fattening that are composite. Inner branches are shorter and more angles. Outer are longer, better for cutting. *Need to learn pruning for this purpose. Hydrangea buds waking, just along 1 main branch/leader. *Little buddleia dead and needs replacement (Royal Red). Lilac great. Don't cut. Green apple leaves just visible.


Lily clump some leaves are yellowing towards center. Can I thin this year now or just have to wait? Think about transplanting a bunch - maybe on other side of the fence? For wide path to be usable needs cardboard/chips on overturned sod. PERENNIAL transplants look good. Should probably mulch.

Don't think I see poppies but check what babies look like. Lots of peas and weed pressure. *Plant second round and weed and mulch and amend and build trellis. This week. Maybe see if Andra wants to help. Both beds.

Mystery hege has leaves forming but only up tall where I didn't cut. Could think about training this to be tree-shaped shrub at right spot (near fence?). Could house shade garden I want.

Roses; coffee mulch. Some nodes waking low on canes, but very few. *What are thorn cells? Less permeable than stem cells?

Big shrub at northwest house corner. Some leafy buds (lilac?) and some nodes waking up.

PEONIES some tips 2" but many 7" with leaves forming. Rhododendron planted from Home Depot don't look great. Look into side-dressing. Come back for these dandelions. Pot some for greens for Josh? 3 spots of peonies visible. Ruti's hanging out with me. Alstroemerias hanging in there but look like they're taking a beating. I think gutter needs to be fixed above. *WE NEED LADDERS.

*Take up row cover at front.

*Pines need homes.

*Forsythia. Learn how to prune for long shoots. I guess from angles their hormones about long/short stems are same as in pomes. Many shoots have one flower open - what's harvest standard? When will these bloom @ 2/3?

From bedroom I can see elm leaf tips. Gorgeous buds at ends of those closest to me also. Definitely can harvest from this point on.

The random assortment of bulbs at front of house look pretty. By tree needs weeding and mulching. Lilies along east edge of house. Need to prep this for dicentra and astilbe. Very little visible on cherry branches. *Need ladder to get in here! Since it's so windy get real orchard ladder to be more stable!

TP's look good. Gave about 70 snaps to Chris yesterday. He gave me $5 which was too much.

*Need compost and chips.

*Clip and soak peas (tonight w/ TV?)