week 10 state of the state


If you know me in real life you know I’ve been basically breathless.

I’ve started using ‘shenanigans’ as a serious word to describe the nonsense (again, it’s hard/tiring to verbalize more specifically) process that’s going on here locally right now.

ugh agaiinnnnn

It’s bringing up so much from 8 years ago when I first moved to Detroit.

The spaces & conversations seem so similar.

Is this a time of returns? I think it must be.

We’ve been ‘content’ creating’ so vigorously in the last decade.

That 8 years coincided with the rise of smart phones. I got my first one about 6 months after I first moved here.

Open Farm FAQs

aidel flyer no dates.jpg

Open Farm FAQs

Updated Feb 2019

What is Open Farm?

Where is Open Farm?

When is Open Farm? Does it go all year?

Can I buy flowers at Open Farm?

Can I pick my own flowers?

Can I take & post photos?

Can I throw my trash out here?

Can I order ahead flowers for pick-up?

Can I take a tour of the farm?

Can I use the bathroom?

Is there food & drink?

Where else should I go locally, on a Thursday evening?

How can I pay?

Are there animals there?

Can I bring kids?

Can I bring dogs?

I’m getting married, can I have a quick consult during Open Farm?

I’m getting married, can I come pick out the flowers I want for my wedding?

What is the mobility accessibility like?

Hablas espanol?

T’t’kelem ‘arabiyya?

How do I get there, by car?

How do I get there, by bus?

How do I get there, by foot?

Who can I call with questions?

I want to start my own garden.

I want to learn how to farm.

I want to get connected with farming & gardening resources locally.

I want to get connected internationally.

I want to learn about the UN Year of Moderation.

How does farming relate to the UN?

What is the real state of climate change?

What do farmers expect to happen in the changing climate?

How can we stop property speculation in our community?

How can we transfer equity to historically oppressed peoples?

How can I identify and work to dismantle my internalized systems of oppression, as perpetrator?

Why am I being asked to understand white supremacy, when I don’t think I’m racist?