Weekly Bouquet Service

Each week of the season we share our peak beauty & bounty with our customers.

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The bouquet that only today can give us.

Early Season Weekly Bouquet Service - SOLD OUT

Tulips & allium bulbs have weathered the winter and greet us through the snow. Wild foraged greens & blooms get us reconnected to the outside world in the earliest part of the season. Luscious sweet-scented petals from Korean lilacs and peonies wake up our senses. Precious perennials like astilbe and bleeding heart make our heart sing for their fleeting bloom window. Agrostemma & snapdragons that go in the ground in March & April greet us with amazing vigor & joy.

Late Season Weekly Bouquet Service

Hot colors, plenty of dahlias, amazing textures. Draping hanging heavy amaranth. Thai basil, sage, and more herbs to ground you as you head into autumnn. Surprising delicacy of late season Japanese anemones. Sunflowers like you've never seen. Statice, strawflower, celosia, and gomphrena for you to pluck from your bouquets and dry at home to keep you going all winter. The assurance that you've connected with the beauty of your home and made the most of the summer.

Late Season Weekly Bouquet Service, 31 July through 5 Oct 2018
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Please note, delivery price listed is for the city of Detroit. Additional charges will apply for greater distances.

Our weekly customers are the heart & soul of this farm. They give us a reason to grow gorgeous blooms all season long, right here in Detroit & SE Michigan.

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Choosing my bouquet from the selection that Sarah and her Fresh Cut Detroit team offer is often my hardest decision of the week. It’s also my best decision. Having fresh flowers in the house, especially those grown naturally and locally, is good for my spirit... No two [bouquets] are quite the same. What they do share is brightness, happiness and positive energy. How can you be sad or angry when you stare into a beautiful bouquet of flowers? The answer is simple: You can’t. I can’t remember how I found out about Sarah and Fresh Cut. But I look forward to our little visit every Thursday and my most important decision of the week.
— Tanya Gazdik, 4th season Weekly Bouquet customer