new session begins August 1st 2017

Each week of the season we share our peak beauty & bounty with our weekly customers.

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Our weekly customers are the heart & soul of this farm. They give us a reason to guarantee gorgeous blooms all season long, all grown right here in Detroit & SE Michigan.

Late Season Weekly Bouquet Service

10 weeks of bouquets. Pick up from our farm, or receive home delivery.

Hot colors, plenty of dahlias, amazing textures. Draping hanging heavy amaranth. Thai basil, sage, and more herbs to ground you as you head into autumnn. Surprising delicacy of late season Japanese anemones. Sunflowers like you've never seen. Statice, strawflower, celosia, and gomphrena for you to pluck from your bouquets and dry at home to keep you going all winter. The assurance that you've connected with the beauty of your home and made the most of the summer.

Late Season Weekly Bouquet Service, 31 July thru 13 Oct 2017
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